The Journey

Today is one of those days I’m reflecting, you know we all have those days. Some more than others. Today I’m choosing to look at the bright side, because in perspective it is much more sunny than it is dark. Okay, let me share the inspiration for today’s journal entry.

About a week ago, I came across a post from one of my sister-friends (these are women that started as associates, graduated to friends, and received their degree in sister-friend hood) that mentioned that a friend of hers was going to begin the journey battling breast cancer and asked for prayers. I had no idea who the friend she was referring to was, all I knew is that I wanted to send a card. (if you haven’t figured it out yet- yes I LOVE sending cards). So I commented that I wanted to send a card of encouragement. The thing is, it’s not always easy for me to share the love via mail the way I desire. Back in the day (sounds like I’m old huh LOL) we could use the home phone number to locate the mailing address. Everyone had a home phone, the white pages were still active, and even with the introduction of the internet you could look it up online. Well fast forward to now and the only people I know with a house phone are my grandparents and their generation and it is increasingly challenging for me to find addresses to send love so any time I get a chance to get a mailing address I jump at it! Okay back to the story, so my sister-friend responded to check my inbox. I did, and she told me who it was. Immediately, I felt a warm wave go through my body…I knew her, laughed with her, coached her daughter years ago, built a relationship, we even lived a block away from each other at one point. How could this be? How could “she” be battling breast cancer? How was she doing, feeling, how was her daughter? So many questions. Thankfully she also shared that there was a Caring Bridge page and of course I was able to locate with a little help from my favorite online search portal (wink wink). I didn’t mind asking for access to join the page, privacy matters so I sent my request and waited. I received an email response that I had been accepted and upon log in I smiled at the profile picture. Same beautiful smile, the kind that radiates even online. I read her intro and proceeded to read ALL the journal entries I had missed. I had no expectations upon arriving on her page. I only wanted to share in her journey, send positive vibes, encouragement, and let her know we are standing in the gap. Honestly, I was already a tender heart, the kind that cries at love stories and such (well a lot of things can be a tear jerker for me lol). These days my motivation is different. I have an EXTRA tender spot for those going through heart challenges, illness, cancer treatment, etc. I guess being an open heart surgery survivor can do that to you. Today, I am reminded of how thankful I am for those that I’ve crossed paths with, that even with the downfalls of social media I can still see the pros in staying connected, and how we can choose how to approach a situation. She has chosen to approach it all with a bright smile and by ALL I mean her entire journey. From sharing the side effects of chemo, to even planning how she will cut her hair with a positive take on less maintenance. I admire her strength, how she is going into this journey with her faith strong, surrounded by friends and family that support and will walk the steps with her. I salute you my siSTAR. You are indeed a star in my eyes, sending love, hugs, and healing to all of those who are battling. May you keep the strength needed to make each day a little better than the last and know that the village is standing with and beside you.

Until we cross paths again,


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