How much are you willing to “GIVE”.

I consider myself a pretty giving person... the kind of person that strives every day to bless those around me in some way, shape, or form. This morning I crossed paths with a co-worker... I hadn't seen him in over a year due to my time away recovering from heart surgery. He was always pleasant, smiling, and a great conversationalist. He came into our office to say hi and although his smile was familiar and welcoming as always I could tell something was different. As he chatted with some colleagues he welcomed me back. I could over-hear them asking questions like, "How are you feeling?", "Are you sore?", "How's recovery going?"...


He must have read my mind... although my goal was to keep a poker face and act like I knew as I tried to put the puzzle pieces together without interrupting... Sensing my concern and curiosity he said in my direction “I donated a kidney.” He and his wife were not a match but by donating a healthy kidney, she, in turn, was moved to the top of the kidney transplant list. He did what many of us would not even think of doing, he donated so she could get the kidney she needed from another donor.

Thankfully they underwent surgery at the same time and they have been recovering from this life-changing event together. He explained he felt weak and very tired at times and was still working to regain his strength, yet he had absolutely no regrets about his decision.

The thought of someone seeing your pain and being willing to go through surgery for you... How thoughtful, caring, overwhelmingly inspiring just to hear this story and see his face as he described the changes he is experiencing in his physical body.

I’m inspired to do more...

TCardsEtc. allows me to send love via mail, send well wishes, and brighten someone’s day. Now I’m looking for even MORE ways to expand this campaign. Sending get well cards, donating time and resources to those awesome beings who make us all remember what humanity is all about. If you know of any causes that I can support with donating cards or locate more people that need love in the mail, please share them in the comments below or reach out to me.

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