Eat the words…. or maybe not?

We all have been guilty of speaking out of turn or better yet saying something we wish we could take back. In the midst of the heated argument or discussion, we don’t see them as something we may have to “eat” later, so we just let it flow. No calculation on how we may hurt the other party or how this could damage the relationship. What about when you get the email from a colleague that throws you all off, and you begin to respond with your initial reply and that voice in your head says “Let it sit for a while.” I know I’m not the only one that has said things that were easier to voice, but later when I have to “eat” those same words it doesn’t taste so great...

Now just to clarify by “eat” I mean, when it comes back and you have to answer for the things you said or when the consequences from your words return to remind you that it may not have been the best response. It’s never easy once the words have been spoken because they can't be taken back... It is much wiser to STOP, gather your thoughts and then reply after you've given yourself some time to sort out your words. I never said it would be EASIER but if we are working to be the best version of ourselves daily it is definitely worth it.

Be careful the words you speak to those you encounter daily- your fruit will reflect the seeds (words) planted along the journey. We all are a work in progress...

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