Do the RIGHT thing...

My mom always says, “Do what is right because it’s the right thing to do.” Honestly, as a child this was ANNOYING and I wondered how in the world this saying would actually fit into my life. So here I am navigating adulthood and using the same saying on my children (I at least changed the words a tad-no plagiarism issues here). So the question becomes, why is doing the right thing the best option? How you were taught in adolescence is the framework for how most people operate as adults. Those that were taught to be polite and reply to adults with yes mam and yes sir usually will carry it over into their adult life...

Current societal norms do not glorify doing what we may have been taught as right and there is little or no reward for being the “good person”. However, the universe responds and that is what we must remember...

It is simple science- if you plant an apple seed, that is the fruit you will harvest.

There is no way to plant apples and get oranges as such the same is true for our choices along this life journey.
There is no way to choose to mistreat people and think the harvest will be the opposite. Plant what you would like to receive and watch the universe respond accordingly. You are the farmer in your garden of life.
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